Apple Air pods pro in usa price $179.99

Apple Airpods Pro in Earbud & in-Ear Headphones by Apple.

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Apple Airpods




Brand:                                        Apple

Model:                                       Apple Airpods Pro

Color:                                         White

Manufacturer:                         Apple Computer

Connectivity tecnology:         Wireless

Placement:                                 In ear 

Dimension:                                0.94×0.86×1.22inch

Manufacturer:                          Apple Computer

ASIN:                                          B07ZPC9QD4

Weight:                                      1.61 ounces

Model number:                        MWP22AM/4

Batteries:                                   3lithium ion                                                                    battery's.

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Apple Airpods Pro


Apple Airpods is best earbuds for all of brands using people who made them more personality fully profile. Airpods have many type and it is one and best. Apple Airpods Pro active noise cancellation with transparency mode sweet and safety water resistant. And a customizable fit. Active noise cancellation sound that cuts out the noise. Microphone defect noise from both outside and inside the ear. Airpods Pro then counter it with equal anti-noise before you can hear it. Here is once most needed and most want thing is transparency mode. Here what you want to hear that will you can here by pressing and hold the force sensor to switch to transparency mode, which lets outside sound in so you can hear and interact with the world around you.
Apple Airpods you can use it easily and carry it easily on your pocket or school or college bag and office bag its small that's why easy to easy to hear by Apple Airpods Pro active music sounds. You can feel the music by it. Apple Airpods Pro you will be comfortable with it. It is customizable fit for every one because here is three size of wear in your ear on your  size . Here is large medium,Small  size of silicon tips for a comfortable fit. Vents in the tips keep pressure equalized on both side of the earbuds. The apple Airpods give you better performance.Everything you hear is unheard of a custom speaker driver a high dynamic Range amplifier and the H1 work together to produce Superior Sound in a compact design. One more customizable fit for all day comfort. Active noise cancellation for immersive sound three sizes of soft, tapered silicon tips for a customizable fit. It is sweet and water resistant. Easy setup for all iphone device. Quickly access to siri by saying "hey siri" . The wireless charging case delivers more then 24 hours by one time charging its from another air pods and you can connect many other phone if you have used another phon without apple. 

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